Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Probability Class II

Salacious salivations of logical puzzles
Dancing distributively in a normailized pattern
Seemingly disjointed events independently connnected
Probaly through human interactions of
Simple similarities of precious proximities


Background distractions of physical & aural
Components competing for
Classes of congnitive space

Lack of focus on central stimuli
leads to searches of peripheral
points of interest

Aesthetically pleasing components drown out
foreground focus as concentration
shits to sumptuous stimuli

A surface scan of similar participants
points to a distribution of focus
as we all struggle to find our focus

a page
Splattering senses on a page
with an ink brush as we
paint happy trees, sad trees, red trees, blue trees
One tree, two trees succinctly sewn together
in a forest of senses
splattered on a page