Monday, April 03, 2006

Alphabet aerobics

Alphabet aerobics bettering building
capital comments. Desperately dipping
emergency exits finally following
greater good. Helping hands
idly idiosynchronous jealous jests
killing kingsize looping layers
madly manipulating nearby notes
of orthogonal pasteurized pianos
Queens quickly randomize risks
stealthly sticking to thoughtful
underlings undulating vicious vicarious
wavering wistfullness. Xeroxed xylophones
yelling Yin! Zen! Zing!

Saturday, February 04, 2006


Unparalleled among peers as
she lays there delicately

Undisturbed among elements as
all unfazes her calm

Nascent innocence holds her
gently away from today

Dancing away from dreamland
into a new dawn

Deftly carrying her serenity
as she greets me

A new comfort washes
over as we join

Together we are one
Forever in an Instance

The orchid

Sacreligious sampling of sets of
singularly decomposing satchels
lay barren among waste
only to rise again
as the much sought
after prized orchids of
Norma Jean

Blooming beatufilly among
barren landscapes of disjoint
colors, textures and sounds
Rising against the elements
thriving in defiance of
elemental probabilities

Singularly standing as a
symbol among whirlwinds
of dust bunnies and crashing
waves of industrial noises

So said the unblemished
flora that "I will stand
alone so that others
may admire me to
help join the colors and
hold back those swirling
among and against us"

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Square pegs in circular holes

This is my first attempt at audioblogging.
this is an audio post - click to play

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Probability Class II

Salacious salivations of logical puzzles
Dancing distributively in a normailized pattern
Seemingly disjointed events independently connnected
Probaly through human interactions of
Simple similarities of precious proximities


Background distractions of physical & aural
Components competing for
Classes of congnitive space

Lack of focus on central stimuli
leads to searches of peripheral
points of interest

Aesthetically pleasing components drown out
foreground focus as concentration
shits to sumptuous stimuli

A surface scan of similar participants
points to a distribution of focus
as we all struggle to find our focus

a page
Splattering senses on a page
with an ink brush as we
paint happy trees, sad trees, red trees, blue trees
One tree, two trees succinctly sewn together
in a forest of senses
splattered on a page

Saturday, October 22, 2005


It seems like such a
simple word

It really can't be
much shorter

Its two letters forming one
simple syllable

See thats how it
should be

Yet when I try to vocalize
this word

It seems like the most
difficult word

For some reason when I want to
say hi

I become completely and
utterly mute

This simple word, shouldn't be
so difficult

Whats worse is that I can say it in
my head

Over and over until
you're gone

Friday, September 23, 2005


Sounds of a distant future
echo loudly among walls
and stone
deftly navigating
through here
and there
Simply put ethereal vibrations
craftily collide with chaos
off natural and
social barriers
from mind
to body

Probability Class

Salacious salivations saturating
Spinning silently among
specks and dust
Curled among ways
and means of
this confused committee
of comitted inmates
running the asylum

spinning slightly in control
as the probabilistic outcome
of indistinguishable events
appears to careen wildly among
d i s p a r a t e s p a c e

serious musings of a not so
serious scholar are taken as
a grain of sand
lost among boys and wolves
rendering a worthwhile theorem
as unimportant as this line


I always hated English class when they asked you to interpret the poem you just read.